How to contour a fat face?

how do you wear your make up if you have a fat face? I mean your head is big?


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  • Apply foundation and powder. To apply powder, use a foundation that's slightly darker than your skin. Blend either the liquid foundation or powder in those areas which had shadows when seen under a bright light.

    To slim your face, apply the entire outer perimeter of the cheek. You can also minimize a broad or high forehead, prominent jaw line and nose in this way - just shade in the areas that you want to play down.

    If you find that you've done too much contouring, counter it by applying more neutral foundation or powder over the top and then add color to tone it down. Do this shaping before you begin applying color.

    As a rule, contour powder should be of a neutral color without any red or yellow overtones and, in fact, it should be a few shades darker than your foundation. Actually, using a darker foundation is a good idea as it can be blended far more easily than powder.

    Remember to blend in the color very thoroughly - something that needs a lot of practice. So, now that you are armed with know-how about contouring, grab your beauty kit and brighten your face.

    • I agree. and my friend has a round face to to couter that she has long hair past shoulder length. your shortest length should be at the jaw line if you wanna have bangs then cut bangs and the next shortest layer should at least hit the collar bone.

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  • just put your head in a vice grip until it gets skinny...ta da!

    • At least my head doesn't look like it's been flattened by some ho sitting me

    • You're an idiot or blind if you think my head or face is flat Sheryl

  • haha @ Camilus.. I duno how you would do this-makeup? or cut your hair so that it shapes your face


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  • Well, what you do is you first apply your foundation. If you don't use foundation, try a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone.

    Now, think of it like this: any areas made darker will look receding, and what's made lighter will kinda appear as if it's coming forward.

    What's really easy to use, is a matte bronzer (most bronzers have a golden shimmer, be careful not to use those as that won't help at all) for contouring powder and a light shimmery face powder (lighter than skin colour) .

    Begin by your cheekbones. Make a fishy face. See the hollow? That's where the bronzer is supposed to go, just take your brush and fill in upwards, following the hollow. Then you need to blend it out a little; the idea is not to be able to distinguish where the contouring begins or ends. Then highlight just on the top of your cheekbones and/or on your nose.

    You may also want to contour both sides of your face to make it look more slim.

    If you've got a double chin shade the area under your jawline and again, blend. Blending is the key.

    Um, that's all I can think of but it should do the trick. Hope I helped!

  • don't use blush, it looks drag queen-ish

  • "Imperatriz"'s advice is great =) I strongly agree. You could also use a highlighter over your blush, and under your eyebrows, to make your features seem more defined. You don't have to buy a highlighter, I use a white cream put it just under your eyebrows to shape them, and in the centre of your cheekbones. Blend loads!

    Good luck =)