Why do guys tell you he likes you a lot and you're cute and then goes for your best friend?

i have a guy that I met that told me that he liked me a lot and that I was cute. He invited me over to his place to watch a movie but had to cancel because of work. I like him a lot and he is a sweet and funny. He told my friend in private that he likes her and that his buddy liked me. But why would he tell me that he liked me a lot and then all of a sudden go for my best friend. I have had guys do that to me and made me so mad and it still does to this day.


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  • Usually guys go for looks in the beggining. If you diddnt know him that well it is very easy for a guy to turn his attention to another girl. the only way this doesn't happen is if he likes your personality enough to stay. Its kinda like a job interview I guess, first you go for who would be best at the position then who you would get along with.

  • he sounds like a twat to me because it seems he's after all he can get 8-)

    him telling her that his mate likes you will probs give her the impression that you two will get together and them two will get together and like double date or summink

    he may have even been such a c*** to be friendly with you to get to your mates 8-)

    he's not worth the trouble it sounds so I'd try move on if I were you


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