For guys, for what reasons would you look down when you see a girl?

A guy looked down when he saw me. Then I saw him again, and he was looking down I think after he saw me. Is it just random when a guy looks down? For what reasons would a guy look down when he sees a girl?

Answers very much appreciated.


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  • If she's a lot shorter than him. I know that almost all of the girls I know or see (Save for.. Maybe two or three?) are shorter than me, so I have to look down.

    Also, he might have been checking out your shoes. I do that. Shoes can be awfully cute, if he's one of those "sensitive guys".

    He also might have been checking out your legs. Maybe, actually, he was just checking you out in general.

    Or.. To take the slightly cute route.. He's shy and was worried he was blushing when talking to you because he likes you, and looked down to hide his face.

    • Thats interesting, because many of us girls, or at least I take it the wrong way and think he is not interested, and go home feeeling like sh*t that he didn't care to look at my face or into my eyes =/

    • Oh. Well.

      I guess I'm different? ._.

    • Well, he wasnt looking at me, he was looking at the ground

  • Well never really herd of something like this before.

    Well he could be shy, diddnt want you to notice he was looking at you, his head is to big for his neck to support, or he could just like looking at his feet.


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