New clothes and a new style.

I'm going to be getting new clothes, what should I buy? Also I like one of my friends, but he friend-zoned me, what should I do to attract him? What type of clothes could I get to attract him? Should I get dresses/skirts or jeans? What style is the best?


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  • Check out how to get out of the friend zone at this link link

    As far as style, go with what you like and what looks good on you. I always think of clothes as a canvas that portrays our personality. If you're fun and flirty, go for bright colors with lots of tanks, shorts, sneakers, and jeans. If your soft and feminine go for dresses with florals and soft pastel colors and some cute heels. If you're a little edgey go for leather, darker colors, heeled boots, and funky yet fun jewelry. If you are laid back kind of girl, try boho chic. Look online for ideas, that's always fun. Sophisticated look would be a nice top, slacks/skirts, a cute jacket, and low heels. Guys like things that girls feel comfortable in and like. Each guy's different. For your guy, do you know what kind of girls he seems into? You can ideas on style from those girls because certain traits draws him to them. Always stay true to yourself though. Remember, less is more so leave some things to the imagination. If you wear booty shorts, don't wear a super low cut top, etc. I don't know how much guys really place importance on your outfit. It's really the vibe you throw out, and your outfit can reflect that. Hope this helps some!

    • This helps so much! Thank you! :)

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  • If you're going to completely change your style to attract someone, you have to be prepared to keep up that style as long as you're in contact with them. Otherwise they'll see you change just ot get their attention then revert back. Change is a hard process...


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  • You shouldn't have to change your style to attract someone, just wear whatever makes you feel confident.

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