I like this guy, and he seems like he likes me but we haven't talked in years.

I like this guy. And he's super quiet and shy. He's the type of guy who stares at you and when you look over he looks away real fast. (Which he has done a lot!) We make eye contact a lot, but we don't have any classes together and I'm scared to randomly go up to him and talk. I think he's interested, but what should I do?


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  • Dont do anything. Just wait for his call or invitation. If you want him you should wait. Boys like chasing girls just pretend like a escaping from him. Next time if he catches your eyes just turn another side and wait most probably in a couple days he wil come to you.

  • tell him to meet you privately somewhere sometime for some-reason.

    there tell him you're interested.


    anything else you might regret


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