Do you believe some people are just destined to be happy?

I feel like I'm not. I'm not blessed with great looks or an amazing personality, I'm just me. Whereas if you look at some other people, despite the little problems everyone experiences, their life is just much better.

From the time they were born to now, they were happier and they've had more opportunities. They're blessed.

What is your experience with this? Or do you feel that we can all be just as happy as the biggest most beautiful celebrity out there?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Obviously there's people who start better off in life than others. And some truly are luckier than others in every aspect. The same as some truly are unlucky in all aspects, born in a warzone, living day to day on scraps etc...

    So yes there are blatant and absolutely humungous inequalities, and life isn't fair.

    But I do think almost everyone is blessed in a way.

    There's those who've obtained everything through luck and destiny. Great looks, great upbringing, money, you name it. And they might well be happy. But they won't ever have the same experience as someone who had to overcome and persevere to get to where they are.

    If you haven't been blessed with the circumstances that give you an amazing personality from the get go, then you've been blessed with the dream and ambition of changing it. Of moulding your own identity to it's ideal form. You've been blessed with the opportunity to take it beyond what any natural gift or talent can produce.

    From struggle comes rock solid strength. And you'll not only be able to enjoy your various enhanced traits better if you've struggled for them, but you'll also feel a lot better about having them, because it's something you built. It's not nature given, it's not random luck. It's something you made out of yourself. And I think that's a lot more rewarding in the end than just being born with amazing looks or a pile of money in your pocket.


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What Guys Said 3

  • dont compare your happiest to others. just try to make tomorrow the happiest day of your life.

  • Destiny is bullsh*t. But there are those who were given more favorable outcomes in life due to being born in a favorable position (money or whatnot) than others. But it's not destined at all.

  • Appearances are often deceptive, girl. Try to get a profound look at your life.


What Girls Said 2

  • Celebrities are often quite miserable! Even the ones who "have everything."

    I've studied this a lot, because I have a bleak disposition due to genetics and troubled childhood. There are definitely things that help people be happier:

    #1 Postive Outlook

    I've read that positive thinking and optimism can be learned, and it's what makes people happy ... not money, attractive partners, fame, etc.

    #2 Healthy Diet & Exercise

    It makes us feel better all around.

    #3 Meaningful Experiences

    These generally involve practicing a faith or value system (anything from religious to helping the hungry).

    #4 Meditation

    This does something calming to our brain. Learn more about it.

    These aren't my own opinions, but things I've gathered through several years of research. I have made great strides, myself.

  • Happiness is more of a choice than most people realize.