Girls, Do you like Metrosexuals more than other guys (in general)?

Well every girl has their preference tho, but let's you're dating a really cute guy but he's not metro would you like it better if he was.

Metrosexual: A guy who is not gay in anyway but is in touch with his feminine side; shops at high-end fashion stores such as, Dolce & Gabanna, Banana Republic,Gucci and J Crew,(they are the best dressed men on earth) might have a man purse, waxes or trims his eye brows, occassionaly might shave his legs and his crotch area, spends tons of money on hair products. He also knows to an extent how to do different styles of his or his girlfriends hair. Oh and wears super-short (mid-thigh level) swim trucks (not as small or tight as speedos but shorter than "regular" swim trunks)

Example: Me

Celeb Example: Cristiano Ronaldo


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  • I've only dated 2 metro-sexual men, It has its pros & cons just like anything. They were great guys but a tad bit too into themselves. Being a well groomed man who can appreciate fashion and other luxuries isn't a bad thing, However, Having a gigantic ego because of those things is.


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  • Occasionally shave his legs - NO

    Spend money on hair products - NO

    I want a guy to be well dressed and groom. Not to those extreme..

    I'm not into the expensive fashion brands anymore so that may turn me off a bit.

    Guys like that tend to criticize me more on my appearance than REAL men.

  • I don't like metro dudes

  • Yes I like it, except:

    * Waxes or trims his eye brows.

    * Spends tons of money on hair products (I just want something moderate).

    * wears super-short (mid-thigh level) swim trucks (not as small or tight as speedos but shorter than "regular" swim trunks).

    Again, I like it when a guy takes care of his appearance, dressing style, smell and hygiene but moderately. Overdoing it to the point he does it more than me, and spending a lot of money on these trivial things is a turn off.


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  • Generally women like guys who look good, and if he seems to be too obsessed he's 'metrosexual'.

    balance enjoying style and Knowing won't what suits you with being able to relax about it too

  • I was under the impression than the metrosexual fad had already come and gone. Is it still around?

    • It's not a fad it's the way someone is, I'm metro not because it's something cool or popular, b because it really isn't but becuase that's just the way I am as a person

    • When something's a "fad" that means it's currently "in" and "popular". Pogs were a fad. Crocs were a fad. Styles of dress can also be fads, as was the metrosexual style of dress. I'm not saying that it's not a style, I'm wondering if there's still any mass-interest or popularity to it.

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