Girls what is your impression on Men's body hair on armpits,chest,legs,back and facial hair?

Please suggest on my appearance on the facial hair I have to keep and the hair style long or short and most importantly body hair..I don't know if I have nominal body hair that is why I have posted my pica's.. You can very well go ahead and see and suggest on that...


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  • Your facial hair is alright and so is you hair it looks good long. You do kinda have a lot of body hair ( it could be worse) but a lot of other guys do to.

    • Your hair not you hair sorry typo

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    • "you would also look nice if you shaved the hair on the side of you face" which hair on the side of my face.. I did not have any hair on the side of my face.. in the foto's.. which hair did you mean..??

    • The only facial hair I have in the foto is french beard which is below my mouth and moustache.. and no side hair I have in face...?? and shall I go for short summer or military NCC hair sut or long ..?? and you have not told me if my face looks good in foto with beard or without beard foto...??

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