Why would a guy look at you and act interested a lot but not actually talk to you?

last semester this one guy would look at me a lot and whenever the teacher would ask me questions he would turn his whole body around to look at me (he sat in front of me) and I even caught him looking at my butt twice! one time he was in the front of the room putting a book up and my teacher addressed me over something and as soon as my teacher said my name my crush froze up and started looking back and forth at me and my teacher and I gave my crush a flirty smile and he smiled and looked down and walked away. I would be doing my work and would feel him looking at me and I would look up at him and he would look down as soon as I looked at him. near the end of the semester he stared me down with this intense stare and I stared back for the longest time then I ended up being the first to look away. and on the last day he asked me if I was still using this glue gun and he got real close into my personal space and I kind of freaked out and froze up. he is very popular and has a lot of female friends and is very outgoing so I don't know why he would look at me a lot and act all interested but not actually talk to me or make an effort...?

i forgot to write some other stuff. one time I walked to the front of the room to ask our teacher a question about this paper we were doing and my crush and the guy who sits beside him (who I caught looking at my butt before too) were both smiling at me...


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  • Maybe he's just afraid of rejection. Why wouldn't you make a first move? You don't need to ask him on a date, just try to talk to him, like you would want for him to do with you...

    • i now realize that I should have talked to him a little and I regret that now :( we don't have any classes together now and we never really see each other anymore so I really regret that but I still kind of think that guys should do the chasing though so idk

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    • We do sometimes pass each other in the hallway. What do you suggest I do now?

    • Well, I don't know how much do you two actually know each other, but I guess a simple "Hi" wouldn't be bad :) You can always ask him for help about something, some instructions, how is it going for him in his classes, something like that... If he does likes you, he will be glad because you two are talking. Good luck :)

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  • Idk...from my experiences, popular high school guys with lots of female friends are jerks so if I had to guess, I would say he's probably just messing with you for the ego boost. The main reason a guy wouldn't make a move like that is if he was shy, but it doesn't sound like he is so I don't know what else to tell you.

  • Because he's to shy around you because your probably really hot and he's to shy an scared to holla at you but he still smiles at you to let you know he likes you so he's hopeing ul make the 1st move and talk too him.I know bacause I do the same thing.I know I look good because girls tell me all the time I'm really hot but I'm still always to shy an scared to make the 1st move. Some guys are unconfadent like Me because they have a low self asteam just like I do. I hope that answers your question baby girl.

    Oh and another thing.I know I'm rite because he always looks away when you give him eye contact because he's very shy around you because he's off you little momma! Seriously! I know because I do the very sameyhing all the time. I get hollerd at at least twice Aday by the most besutifulist girls outthere so I know I'm not bad looking but I still do have a very low self asteam.trust me its very possible to be really hot and still have an low selfconfadents because I hate everything about me but girls seem to feel totally different about me than I do.so my segestion from me to you is make the 1st move on this guy if you like him and tell him you like him in your own way because trust me he's too shy to make the 1st move an ask you out. I PROMISE baby girl!

  • He digs your chili, however, he is scared that you would reject him. Been there, sister.


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