How do I get them to notice me?

I am pretty much just extraordinarily average. There's nothing about me that would make people look twice at me (except maybe my clothes because they're usually really colorful).

I'm also really shy, I don't talk to people first ever. I always look at the floor with my bangs covering my face.

Sometimes I'll be somewhere and I'll notice a guy or something and I just want him to notice me. Just a second glance even..

I just was wondering if anyone can give me suggestions on how to.. I don't know... I guess make myself seem more appealing?

Your help would be greatly appreciated...

-Kaitlyn Faith


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  • "I am pretty much just extraordinarily average"

    When a guy looks at a girl and thinks she's the hottest person he has ever seen, there is most likely that that guy just give up in 5 seconds xD

    (You have a cute face :D)

    "I'm also really shy, I don't talk to people first ever. I always look at the floor with my bangs covering my face. "

    You gave a great intro of your self on this topic... You went really deep (assuming you are as shy as you say) on it and straight forward. Doesn't seem that shy to me, but a bit insecure. Confidence is the key for anything you want in life (Relationships, Jobs, Careers, Wishes, ...)

    You build your self a great feel of confidence and you'll be fine (just don't be "that" confidence. You need to know how great you are, how to appreciate your self and accept the way you came to this world. You can always get better and better if you do the right thing)

    "I guess make myself seem more appealing?"

    Depends of your sense of "appealing". If you think it just takes a casual visit to the shopping and buying some "dirty" "shorty" clothes, you're quite wrong.

    For appearance, you could take a trip to a modeling house or stylist, or what ever you can find to give you some advice on fashion, type of clothes that matches your body shape and your age, as well as your personal behavior (no one likes a girl that is constantly suffering from the foot because she want's to be "tall" and "pretty") towards people.


    if you want to make it all by your self, with no advice at all (despite this one hihih), you should try different things. Play around with guys and see their reactions towards your different personalities, just like a game (not saying to go and have sex right away, just talking about the looks)... try new things and build your self a good and stable character. ALTHOUGH, if you want a really relationship, you should just behave like your self ;)

    Hope it helped

    • Thank you.

      That really does help a lot.

      I know it must be tiresome to give advice on stuff like this, and for that I am very grateful.

      You really made me think about myself and why I am the way I am. So once again, thank you.

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  • "I always look at the floor with my bangs covering my face."

    Make eye contact and smile at people, its as simple as that. I know what its like to be afraid to approach girls, and those two things make them seem a lot friendlier ( therefore more approachable) :-)

    • Alright. I will try my best to do that. Thank you for the help(: I can certainly use all the help I can get.

  • well your above average in my opinion. I really think the best way is to be more outgoing with people. Just try to be friendly with people you sit by and school so you can get used to talking to other people and then hopefully you will be able to start conversations with guys you are interested in. Eye contact is a big deal too. If you walk with your head down and act like you don't notice guys they are not going to approach you

  • you are very beatiful girl

    you are very honey


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  • Well, first of all: stop looking at the floor! That shows that you're insecure and there's nothing attractive about that. Walk with your head up and if you feel nervous play your favorite song in your head and that should give you a boost. Btw: you look cute in that pic... Your clothes are colorful, but are they feminine and pretty? I hope you don't hide your body and wear flattering clothes. It also helps if when you're nervous you think about a situation when someone made you smile 'cause you'll smile again and that will make you more approachable...

    • They are :p

      I meant colorful as in skinny jeans and eyeliner and stuff. Ha.

      and thank you. I will definitely try that. I try to keep my head up, it just feels weird to me. Ha.

      But thank you so much for your advice!

    • No problem :)

  • I guess being confident in yourself is a good way to start.

    I know its hard but have faith in yourself.

    From your pic I can tell your pretty.

    Be happy about that. Love yourself and let the world know that you do.

    The minute you can do that then everyone else will notice.

    Your clothes will attract pple to you but how comfy you are in your skin

    will make their eyes stick to you.

    I used to be that shy girl, I still am but I'm happy with me and nowadays people notice it too. It might've taken me long to get here but I did and I'm glad for whatever I had to go through

    • Thank you(: I will try and keep my head up.

      Thank you again for your advice.

    • no worries. and smile. and be happy.

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