How to be more confident ?

i am a pretty girl and most guys at school love walking talking and be friends with me ... they wana be more but I dnt

i have no confidence even thought all girls feel jealous of me and wana b liked by guys and popular like me .. but am not happy

i like attracting guys and am very beautiful and cool but when I see them looking at me I wish them look away.. dnt ask me ! I dnt know why ! am very shy ! pleeeeaaaaase help me


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  • You have poor self image. Arm chair psychology--try this:

    Everyday in the morning, when you wake up, find yourself a full length mirror (one that shows your body, not just your face). If you can force yourself to look into it then try to tell yourself one good thing you like about yourself. Keep doing it everyday until you can finally say "I'm beautiful all around". If you can't do this, then you might want to ask for better help


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  • if you already talk to guys then you are on the other side. if you see that the guy likes you and you like him back then try to do subtle things at first like touching his arm or asking more about him. then try to be flirty. its all like gaining confidence bit by bit.