If a chick wears your clothes...

whats it mean?

this chick told me to come out to see her after meeting online and talking on the phone, exchanging pics a few months before. she said she was in love and wanted me to move in so I went there but before that we argued and "broke up" a few times.


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  • It means

    your clothes are bigger, looser, and more comfortable then mine so GIMME

    lol for me at least, I still own sweats and tshirts from all my ex's, even guy friends

  • It could mean that she is comfortable enough around you to wear your clothes. She likes you. Or your her good pal.. Most of the times when I wear guys clothes it's because I like them. Most guys think it's cute when girl put on their clothes.. Atleast that is what us girls are told. :) Hope I helped.

    • What if its someone you went to visit who you never met before? (met online, went to visit, she said she loved me and then didn't anymore)

    • I agree I wear them because they are comfy and guys usually think its cute. same same. but she sounds a bit weird and you probably should just break it off with her if she's being so committed without really knowing you and changing her emotions all the time.

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