If you're interested in a girl then do you still look at other girls you find pretty?

Here's what happened: I have a crush on someone and it's mutual. It's been going on for over a year now. He's really nice and not idiot nor a player. But the other night I found out something that really caught me off guard. Apparently there's this girl who works in a bakery and he goes there hoping to see her because he finds her so pretty. He doesn't hit on her or anything. What the hell?! I felt kinda cheated and angry. Yet I can't be jealous because we're not together! I'm really confused. How should I take this? Is it a really bad sign?


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  • To answer your initial question, yeah a guy can still look at other girls he finds pretty, even if he's interested in someone else already. Furthermore even if a guy is dating a girl, he might occasionally look at someone else. It doesn't necessarily mean there's any intent. It means he's just admiring.

    As for your situation. You said you two have a mutual crush. Alright. Fine. But you didn't say you two were dating. You didn't say you two were a couple. Are you? If the answer is no, then you have nothing to feel cheated about. If you still feel cheated, you should do something about it. It's been a year. It's been OVER a year, now. You said so. If you two haven't dated or made anything official, in all that time, do you really expect him to have eyes just for you? Is it really so unfathomable that some part of him might think it's not going to happen? I mean think about that.

    This is not a really bad sign. This is just a sign that he's human. You should take it as such.

    You want to know how to fix this? You want him for yourself? Make a move. You know it's been long enough. You know he likes you. You know you like him. You want him, so go get him. It's that simple. This might not stop him from looking at other girls, but relax, it's just looking. That's harmless enough. Worry when he starts hitting on other girls. OK? OK. In the meantime, go out there and get him. Do whatever you need to. Flirt like crazy, hit on him, flatout kiss him, or just ask him out.

    Good luck.


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