What should you do when a guy stares at you even when you look at him, he won't budge and that guy turns out t

your future brother in law!

Im at this engagement party a I notice a mature guy about 35 staring at me again and again, I looked him in the eye so that he would stop staring at me cz, everyone else started noticing as well, but he won't even budge. After sometime I came to know that he is my Future bro in law. he recently got married about 3 months ago has a beautiful wife. I dnt know what to do or how to act. I mean I am ignoring him but he won't stop no matter wher I'm standing. What should I do?


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  • Just ignore him. Let him adore your beauty.

    • hahhahahaha as flattering as it may seem, everybody else seem to notice it too, what should I do then?

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  • coz you are very beautiful. any man, married or unmarried would want to stare into those eyes. you should go straight to him and start to talk and unintentionally talk about his wife just to make him realize that he is married and it's not fair to stare at other ladies.

  • ignore him... good for everyone... it something happens it would be too complicated for your sis, you and him and your familty too...

    • i agree besides I dnt even like him that way! the problem is that everyone notices it as wella nd ask me so I dnt know what to say

    • jus tell them..he not your type... if he is also you won't go for him as he is your in law...

      jus tell them you don't like that guy ...thats it... and someone will tell him and he stops staring at u..

      prob will be solved...

    • ok ill try that thanks :)

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