I might be vaguely interested, but we're freinds, conflicted?

So I think I might like this guy, I've known him since sophomore year(we're both seniros). We had chemistry class together, and I was kinda interested in him then, but only cause I caught him looking at me from across the room. It never turned into anything and I forgot about him.

Now our senior came and we had English and sat next to each other. We talked and laughed and got to know each other. Then we had this pageant thing for boys at our school and he was in it. He sang, and he is amazing! And that, combined with the way he looks and how easy I find it to talk to him, I think I might be interested in him.

But we're freinds, and I don't want to ruin that. And I'm not sure, but he might have a girlfreind (he's mormon, so my friend says that mormons don't usually have "things" which is what my freinds are calling this (me having a thing for him).)

Anyway, I realize I might be into him, but I don't know if I want to be.

We are really good freinds, I don't want to jeapardize that, and honestly, I'm not ready to have my heart broken again (it was just broken very recently)

So I'm planning on just saying freinds with him unless he makes a move, do you think that's smart?

Extra info: He gave me his number when I asked to buy his baseball shirt with his name on it, and he always laughs when I talk, and he's always making me laugh and smile, and he's easy to talk to. Just some extra info. (We don't have a class together anymore, and I plan on going to all the baseball games this season since I like baseball).

Anyway, yeah, I think it would be smart to just stay freinds. What do you think? (Guys and Girls)


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  • It's a smart move to wait for him to make the move.


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  • Naw you shouldn't just stay friends. I mean if you like him you like him. You should just pray on it and ask God about this and then if you get the answer you want then tell him how you feel because I got a feeling he might feel the same way.


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