Why is he mad at me??

So we were on the phone and this girl had to say this for some reason and it made me mad. She told him I said he was average. Which isn't bad at all. I never really give people high ratings or rates at all. I told him average is like a 7.5. He went on and on and on about how I said that. Then he looked my old boyfriend. He asked how was he average after he looked at my ex. I told him I liked his personality he was a good guy. But after all that I was like fine you are above average happy! But he said it was to late. The thing about this whole thing was that I don't even go out with him. He was saying how come I didn't get a higher rate blah blah blah! He said he wouldn't care if it was some one else. I guess I'm important to him but I just don't get it I told him he wasn't ugly. I don't know...


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  • Some guys are really self-conscious about their appearance.

    They tend to focus more into it rather than improving on themselves and their personalities to get better with girls.


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