Girls, what height do you consider midget ..?

What height of a guy do you consider midget and would never date such a guy?


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  • 4'10"? That's the medical definition, I wouldn't consider someone a dwarf if they didn't have dwarfism.

    • Not medically. But what's your definition of midget guy? What's your standard?

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    • I'm 5'4" and like I said, it's not a BIG deal, but if I had to pick an ideal, probably around 5'8". Taller but still near my level.

      I've seen couples where the girl is taller and I think it's kind of endearing, haha. I guess because they didn't let it stop them even though some people probably judge them.

    • 4ft11 guy? ?

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  • Anyone shorter than me. I'm 4'10".

    • 4ft 11 inch guy? Would you date him?

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    • Didn't I just say I wasn't? I really don't give a sh*t about height. I don't even know how tall 5'7" is exactly, I just like the number.

    • Haha ok! :)

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  • The average height of a white American male, is 5'10" and I'm 5'8"/5'7"ish. I've had girlfriends before so I mean it doesn't really matter, I think they just want you to be taller than them because it helps them feel like they're protected...which is what they want to feel like. The problem is that I want a girl who's my height because I prefer her to be taller when she has her heels on. Something about a girl who is taller than me with heels on is INCREDIBLY sexy

    • Thats weird that you want a tall girl. But I doubt a tall girl would want a shorter man.

    • They're out there...rare, but they exist

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