How can I dress maturely?

im 19 years old and people always think that I'm younger than my age for eg 16 or 12 . how can I look my age? also I have a petite frame so people always think I'm younger. what do you suggest that I do ?


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  • I found this for you:

    Balance out your Round Face: I’m guessing that the youthfulness in your face comes from a round shape; the rounder your face, the younger your look. To counterbalance the roundness, look for geometric shaped earrings, pointed collars, and more angular clothing.

    Wear Structured Clothes: The more structure in your clothes, the more mature the look. I’d recommend building your wardrobe around tailored garments and accessories - double breasted coats, belts, blazers, and other fitted items.

    Drape Yourself in Jewel Tones: Bright primary colors are youthful looking, but deeper jewel tones like emerald or turquoise are more refined. Neutral colors will also add to the maturity of your outfits.

    Wear Makeup: The key here is to wear makeup that’s not too heavy. Try makeup that’s sophisticated, like a soft smoky eye for evening.

    Slip on a Pair of Heels: Since you’re only 5 feet tall, you’ll also benefit from a couple of inches of extra height. Height will help you add years to your look, especially if the shoe is in a sophisticated style.

    Also, remember that it might not be just how you're dressing, but also how you carry yourself. I know it might sound funny because in the end you still appear young, but all my 5'8" friends think I'm at least 5'6" because I carry myself in a tall manner... does that make any sense? I'm 5'3" by the way.


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  • Well, firstly enjoy the benefits of your situation - petite is a good thing! It's cute, femine and attractive - lots of girls I'm sure would love to be described as 'petite' - it's a winning look!

    Second - don't try too hard. Obviously you should dress 'your age', but too much make-up for example just draws attention to the 'is she really that old?' debate.

    Third - remember that in a few short years you will have the last laugh - every 30 year old would love to be mistaken for 23! ;o)

    Stay smiley!



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