Ladies what are some of the reasons you look at a guy.

Ladies what are the same of the reasons you will keep looking/glancing at a guy?

What are some of the reasons a girl would look at you mostly everyday? I don't wear anything weird or look funny or anything so maybe she thinks I'm cute or something?


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  • Hot or I like you :)

  • He's attractive.

    He's staring at me.

    He's wearing something funny.

    I want to ask him something.

    Probably more if I think about it some more.

    • she looks at me mostly everyday I started looking at her first though so is she only looking/staring because I have before she seems to intiate it first sometimes and we lock eyes she looks away fast or sometimes holds it.

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    • even on days when she looks and stares at me first?

    • Could be she wants you to go talk to her.

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