Attention hairdressers ... what should I do ?

I have fair hair and I had my hair dipdyed blond I asked to have it natural looking but still be able to see it when I'm out. the girl didn't listen and did it platinum I went mad as it looked awful so they then dyed it with ash blond and it looked nice.This was in September but I went back to my hairdressers to get it topped up 3 days ago and she gave me a golden blond above the ash blond I originally had ( its like she forgotten how she did it before).

so basically now I've been left with a fairhair/golden blonde/gingery color and ash blond. I go back to school soon so I really need to do something with it. My hairdressers is closed tomorrow and its unlikely i'll get an appointment for Tuesday. I have been using touch of silver shampoo but I'm scared it will turn the nice ash color platinum or something. Should I dye it all over ash blond with a bottle dye ? and what is the best natural looking blond dye I can buy ?


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  • I'm not a hair dresser, so take that into account when listening to my advice ^^ I speak from general knowledge and my personal experience of home&salon dies (I have light brown fine hair which I've bleached & silver tinted to a light ash shade).

    Silver shampoo gives hair a cooler color (=ashier/more grey), it does not lighten. Therefore it should be able to calm down the golden blond a little bit (and you don't have to worry about getting platinum).

    If I were you I'd use the silver shampoo. You can use it in the morning, check the result and do it over again in the evening if you need more. It gives a very discrett tint so you really don't have to worry about your hair totally switching colors on you, you'll have to use it at least around 4 times to get that kind of result.

    If you're not 100% sure about what you're doing, don't bottle dye blond. Especially not since your hair is already partly dyed. You're very likely to end up with ugly stripes and/or wrong color because you haven't correctly factored how the color will look overlaying the color you already have.

    Finally, if you want better than the silver shampoo can give, go to another salon. Please, if she messed up TWICE she's not going to get any better at listening to what you want, you deserve better for your money.

  • i would not start messing with haircolor myself especially after it's already been colored. it's complicated work and more likely to get screwed up. if anything go to sallys beauty supply and ask them, they at least have hair experts who could guide better.