Don't you think we should be able to look the way we want to?

I just saw a question about what hair color you prefer

best on the opposite gender and I saw couple

guys say "they didn't care, because long hair is

more important" And, much like the height think

with women, I don't get the long hair thing with men?

Isn't are own right to look the way we want, without

worrying no one will be attracted to or love us because

of it?

I mean how would a guy feel if a girl said " Babe, I need

you to grow your hair down to your butt and dye it this

certain color" How many of you guys would do that, none


See I've always questioned myself, but even more so

because of what I see on here. Like I want to have

a relationship and fall in love, SO badly. But, than I

come on here read certain things and I wonder "what

the hell is even the point? I basically have two choices.

Either be myself and look the way I look, but risk never

finding love because of it and end up being an old maid. Or

mold myself into what men apparently "think" women

should look like, but risk hating myself and feeling like a fraud for

being someone I'm not and looking a way that I'm not

happy of comfortable with" I mean I shouldn't have to

live that way! No woman or man should have to live

that way!

We have freedom of speech, why can't we have the

freedom to look and be the way we want without

worrying constantly that it's "not good enough?"

So, what do you think? Don't you think would should have

the right to look the way we want, since we have to

live with it forever?

I feel like people think this question is about me, though I did mention

myself and how I feel. This question is NOT about me. It's just a

general question. Because I never nor will ever understand how

height and hair length could be such an epic deal. I get we all

have prefences, that's fine. But, let's not act like it's that way or

no way at all! Basically, I just wish people were more open minded

that's all, just my opinion.


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  • you do have the right to look how you want. no one cares what you choose to do. you just have to accept that not everyone will like how you look. that's life. your logic makes no sense. you are acting as if opinion is law. just because many guys like a way something looks doesn't mean you are obligated to do it.

    you have freedom to look how you want JUST as much as you have freedom of speech. you can say whatever you want and not everyone will like it, and that's life. you can dress or look how you want and not everyone will like it either.

    people are entitled to their own opinions. if others don't like how you dress, that's not their fault. they shouldn't be obliged to like your look just because you do.


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  • I know how you feel with this; It's frustrating when your idea of self-beauty is at odds with the ideas of everyone around you. I had long hair for a few years and everyone was going out of their way to get me to cut it. I was almost suspended from high-school for not having it like all the other boys', even though I was in the top class and doing quite well before they started meddling in my life (however, I _was at a catholic school, and they were religious and quite authoritarian).

    I don't know if it's different in the UK, but most guys I know either quite like short hair on girls or don't really have much of an opinion either way. I have short hair now, but it's because _I want it short, not because of anyone else. I'd urge you to be yourself; if someone doesn't want you because of your hair length then they're not worth being with.

    I hope I've helped : )

    • Yes, you have thanks. By the way, I went to Catholic school so I understand the strict rules.

      It can be annoying, especially when the school isn't that well ran to start with.

  • "Isn't are own right to look the way we want, without

    worrying no one will be attracted to or love us because

    of it?"

    No, no it is not.

  • Girls have asked me to grow my hair out before. It didn't faze me at all. I just said no, and that was the end of it.

  • As long as it's longer than a pixie cut, those things are awful haha.

  • Who says you can't look the way you want? You can. The funny thing is that you're saying this, and then you are kind of demanding that people still be attracted to you despite whatever odd thing you want to have. Isn't it our own right to be attracted to what we want to be attracted to?

    Little boys and lesbians ruined short hair for women.

    • Yes, of course it is. But, I'll never agree that it should be a deal breaker.

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    • 1) I don't want people to swoon over me,I'm not like that. 2) I never have it my way, if I did

      I'd be married right now with kids and decent paying job. unfortunately life doesn't work

      that way! 3) You're right there will be guys that are interested and ones that won't, but no

      one should have to worry that there hairstyle is the reason "they won't"!

    • 4) I hate hypocrities, so I try very hard not be one. 5) The only real turns offs for me would be

      extremely poor hygiene and killing animals for sport, other than that everything else I can be

      compromise with or whatever. 6) I'm not liar and if you knew me. You'd know that!

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  • Of course we have the freedom to look the way we want. But people also have the freedom to like what they like. But just because one guy is into blond hair that goes past the girl's ass, doesn't mean another guy won't like a brunette bob cut. Not all people like the same things. There is no magical way to look that will make every guy attracted to you, and there's no way to look that will make absolutely no guy ever want to date you. So look the way you want because someone will be attracted to you the way you feel best.

  • of course you should be able to look the way you want...but the very essence of doing that requires you not to CARE whether guys find your hair cut sexy or not, as long as YOU feel comfortable and happy with it.


    as long as you aren't in sweat pants and are making an effort someone out there will find you just have to stop worrying about pleasing everyone.

  • I think that people just generally have a preference for things like that, but that doesn't mean they're going to try and make someone change to fit that. It's just human nature to like certain things more than others. Just because they prefer one thing doesn't mean they're going to dislike everything else.

  • You can look however you want, but don't expect a person to automatically be attracted too you . Guys are allowed to not be attracted to u. people like what they like

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