Alright girls I desperately need your help figuring out how all these rings look and if the finger matters?

I'm getting old but I'm naive and clueless when it comes to rings so I don't know what they all mean and if they tell me a girl is safe to hit on or not!

I know there is the ring finger which if it has a rock or band is the main indicator a woman is married but even that can be confusing.

So as a man, girls, how can I tell what rings mean what? What's the difference in looks and what finger you put it on between a purity ring, a promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, or a ring just for style?

What clues can I look for to figure out what the ring means? lol


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  • Well nowadays a lot of girls wear rings just to look fanshionable and stylish. But some of the girls may wear dimand rings or promise ring on their left hands to show their relationship status. A few girls may wear a silver ring just to show they aren't that approachable. I mean sometimes I wear my ring when some guys I don't like hit on me.


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