Why the dirty looks?

Why is my ex of over 16 months ago suddenly seem to be appearing every where I am when I hadn't really seen her for months, we work in the same buildings and she cheated on me with another guy there. That seems to be over don't know the details but I do know he I s a player and he was never exclusive to her but I couldn't tell her that.

I walked away hurt saying all the best and since that time we have never been right in any shape or form. I honestly thought by now we would perhaps be mates or work colleagues particularly as it was her who ruined our friendship but I didn't react other than to say I'm hurt but your choice is your choice.

Now within the last few weeks I have seen more and more of her, I'm pretty sure she thinks I have someone new at work, you know how these things become gossip, but I haven't. Recently she has given women I associate with dirty looks that appear angry towards them, even they have noticed. Previously I thought it was all in my head.

Since the breakup i have kept the best parts of me, but found within me better qualities, I personally think I look better than I ever did, which has all be commented on. I dwell less and less on what happened particularly my treatment since and I feel her hold on me though not completely gone is now very weak.

I have caught her watching me on numerous occasions, but when I catch her she just looks down. I have also caught her watching me leave work on a couple of occasions.

What is the problem with this woman ? and why the sudden interest in what I'm doing ?


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  • I would say she looks down because she is ashamed ,and if that's the case she probably is sorry for what she did,as far as the dirty looks I would say its jealousy ,its sound to me like she's trouble ,you seem like you could have and deserve some one better ,try being open and talk to her but be cautious not to get hurt again make sure she is genuinely sorry ! If you want to get back