Conversations while being bored...

So I met this girl at the transportation system.. and we were both waiting since that's the only way to get home unless I wanted to pay for gas which is a nono for me! We had this conversation that she initiated it was quite hilarious. She started by saying.. "Yeah no, your shirt is out of style" and I told her "well maybe if you were in my shoes you might of thought it was in style" and she laughed! She looked at me and she's like you know what your kinda cute! Then I looked at her and I said this escalated pretty quickly... then I told her why not just tell me you wanted my shirt off? Then we both laughed and yatata then we started making out. Unfortunately I didn't get her number but I did get blue balls! Do you guys think that was pretty dope or that was some craycray or lucky sh*t!


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  • Both


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  • I think that is cool, but all you got from it was a new reason to jerk off. lol.

    Next time, get her number. lol.