Did she really not care that I was leaving?

It was my last day at this workplace today. There's me, this guy, and this girl. We had fun while we were all there. The guy is really good looking and is a wrestler, though he has a girlfriend. He also likes to talk a lot, especially about stuff on the internet, etc., so he always talked to her about that stuff.

When this happened and I was interested in the convo, I kind of hung back and did my own stuff. If I said anything, it was usually a funny quip. And I liked to tease her.

Me and the girl made vague plans to hang out next weekend. However, when I was saying my goodbyes today, she didn't really care. The other people were wishing me luck and being excited and stuff and she hardly looked at me.

I'm a little disappointed because it seems like it doesn't bode well for hanging out next weekend.


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  • She must be upset that you're leaving.

    She does care however perhaps, she really doesn't want to say goodbyes.

    Contact her.

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