How to get a guy to actually like me?

I was just wondering how to get a guy to like me, I try to be nice to everyone, I never talk behind people's backs... I was just wondering.

Do looks really matter when a girl looks like when they ask a girl out? I consider myself anatomically average...

Is there anything that I have to do, or anything that guys find attractive, you know without exposing myself in a provocative way if you know what I mean...

Like, what do guys look for in girls, honestly?

Thank you, I appreciate it : ) x


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  • If you are talking to guys in general to like you, and if you want to get morons and guys who only want sex, then show your body in a provocative way.

    If you are talking to a guy in particular, and if he is a moron or a guy who only wants sex, then tease him, get close to him, dress in a provocative way, call him "boyfriend" just for nothing, etc.

    If you are looking for REAL guys, then you should talk to them and make them aware of your existence. Smile at them, be nice to them and let them know you like them. I personally fall in love with girls who do this and are sweet and kind. Same if you are looking for a particular guy.

    Hope you get the love of a tender guy.

    • Thank you so much x

      it helped a lot.

      I was just wondering, how can I make sure I choose a good guy? there are a lot of nice guys, but a lot of them just want sex, I was just wondering how can I tell if they are actuallly genuine or not?

      i appreciate it x

    • Hey, 1st, add me as friend so I can tell you more. Space here is limited. 2nd, it's almost impossible for a girl to realize if a guy is good. Only boys can know that, as we know how we think. I honestly tell you I think there's a good guy in a hundred.

      If you really need sth to realize, morons take things too fast. Good guys take our time: We need to know deeply the girl before even kissing. Also, morons don't ask you about your day (i.e.). They go straight 2 what THEY want.

      No more space here. ASK

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  • Work on how you carry yourself when you're in the public, and dress nice.

    When you stand out of the crowd, it's a sure shot that guys will notice you.

    • Thank you so much for your help x

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  • It depends on what type of guy you're after, I think. If you've got a certain 'image' of a guy you want, you'll automatically 'find' those guys.

    From what all my guy friends tell me, they are attracted to flirtatiousness and mystery. I'm not a fan of game-playing, but a guy told me he likes it because it "keeps things interesting" and stops people from getting bored.

    I think that a lot of guys don't know what they like in girls - often it's what they think their friends will approve of. Most say they want someone who is fun, takes a pride in her appearance, is genuine, and can hold an intelligent conversation.

    • Thank you so much for your help :) I appreciate it