Should I give him a chance even though he's not attractive in my opinion?

I know a guy that is really nice and extremely smart. I think he likes me. He's always extremely nice to me and he makes excuses to interact with me in class. Its really hard to talk to him though. When I try to make conversation with him he gives me one word responses mostly, but sometimes he opens up and jokes around with me a little more. We exchanged numbers to study together and I think we could possibly hit it off if we spent more time together. The only thing that's stopping me from making a move is the fact that he's not attractive physically to me. I feel like I'm selling myself short by not giving us a chance just because he not cute. Am I vain or is attraction a factor that can't be ignored?


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  • Looks fade.

    Personalities last a life time. Unless what you see in him isn't really him.

    • I'm not really sure as to who he really is. He seems really guarded when I talk to him, but he eventually opens up and jokes around with me.

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  • your not vain..people are like that a lot even though they don't mean to be. my boyfriend is not that attractive, but he isn't ugly either. he isn't even my type. but I decided to give him a chance and it has been over a year already and I love him more than I ever thought possible...give him a chance! lol

    • Hey cosmocutie, listen to this girl. She knows what she's talking about.