Guys: Are you ever cold to a girl you like?

There's this guy I have a crush on and at times I think he feels the same based upon the way he looks at me, smiles at me and is just kind of tender... (I don't know how else to say it!)

Sometimes he's really friendly, but other times he's really cold and won't even look at me and he's short with me when I talk to him...

It's really weird! I don't know what to think!

It would be sort of a questionable relationship as he is considerably older than me but SO DAMN HOT!


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  • only to a girl I want to be with. It's a defense mechanism to see if she'll notice the change from Hot to Cold and think "Why is he being so cold? He was so warm the other day." It makes her wonder what's going on.

    It can either tell you whether she really cares or you're just wasting your time.

  • Yes, but only to girls that cheat on me after I open my Heart, an they ask me for a second chance.


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