What Type of Looks am I getting?

Actually I'm a guy, 18!

I have a problem cause of the looks I get from girls and women.

I dress well, maybe more than that, like exceptional but not like rock stars or something like that, I wear different colors in a casual way!

I shave nearly everyday, I've got pale skin, brown short hair!

but I never liked my face, Acne, Black under eyes, I'm trying to care more about my skin and it got better but still far from good!

My question is about the looks I get, I get some looks everyday on the way, more from females but some from guys too.

Girls kind of look at me, when I notice they turn their head!

but I noticed something yesterday that they look, I notice, they turn their head, but if I look at them they will look at me after that!

And I think I got less looks when I had slightly longer hair, maybe it's just when I'm OK with myself I notice looks and when I'm not OK I get less looks?just my imagination?!

So what's the situation?look at that assface who thinks he's hot?or how creepy?or like "not bad"?

Acne is much better now, I used medication, one side 99% clear, the other has 4,5 pimples, but that just showed me that my face doesn't have any color!


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  • No way to really tell anless you can read minds. As for the acne you need to determine what's causing it is it dry skin? then moisturize and a trick I used it eating apples but cut them into peels to rub on your face apples have a natural exfoliant to get rid of dry/dead skin. Also lemon juice filled with Vitamin C and Antioxidants and can kill the bacteria that causes acne. Oranges are good to because of the Vitamin C and Anti Oxidants. Exercising is good for acne running in peticular sweating is great for skin also. I wouldent use any kind of acne medication for skin at all when I used acne products on my skin no matter the reviews it never worked if you want results you have to do it naturally is how I cleared my skin doing those things. If its hormones it could be your masturbating to much which is influencing your hormone levels.

    • Also if your getting looks Good or Bad who cares if its bad looks lol f*** them who cares right? And if its good then hey that woman just checked you out *high five* lifes to short to care what other people think that kind of attitude can be usful in life just don't get to a point where your insensitive to people don't let what people think stop you from living your life or doing something.

    • Actually I checked with different dermatologists, it's much much better now, have face clear, the other half is a "gonna be"!

    • Well ide use some the tips I gave you also because mine is non existant now I will break out if I don't do this but its never bad and goes away really fast a couple of days. Just make sure whatever your using isn't drying your face out or damaging it I personally don't trust and products even if dermatologist recommended I prefer the natural wya but if you used both and the dermatologist stuff is working you could get the other half clear.

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  • Dude don't change your face cause people don't like it ; pimples are adorable . About the looks sounds to be like they are checking you out bro!


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  • To be honest with you, there is nothing with you buddy. I think the girls are just checking you out. sometimes people look or stare for no good reason. I wouldn't take too much notice of it, I think you are worrying too much about how you look, or that your not good looking enough, and you think your ugly. Trust me, people don't stare or look at ugly people, unless they look like they are sub-human.. I think you are little bit on the paranoid side.. because I was like that as well.

  • You are getting looks of attraction. You should have more confidence in yourself, and start approaching those women.

  • From what you've stated I can't really tell. But I'd agree with the other answerer to work on your acne. I used to have bad acne and then I made sure to face wash every day and now it's almost non-existant.

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