What hints have girls given you thay you were totally oblivious to?

Also, girls what hints have you given guys that they were oblivious to?

Last year during spring break I was relaxing and having fun at the beach since I had just turned 17 a couple days ago. Anyways I swimming at about chest deep water and this girl was also swimming about 20 yards away from me. Over about a 5 minute span, she was some how right next to me. She started randomly asking questions and telling me about herself. Because she said she couldn't swim well, she hopped on my back and pretty much rested her head on my shoulder while talking to me. I didn't mind and thought she was trying to be friends.

Later, a freak wave can and crashed right on top of us. We were both okay but she was clinging to my back. She readjusted herself to the point were her chest was on my back tight and then she said: "Oh no, my top got pulled off by the wave, can you help me find it?" I said: " That sucks, I'll try to find it." I turned around (her still on my back) and found it in the water. I grabbed it and tried to give it to her over my shoulder. She said: "I don't think I remember how to put a top on, can you do it for me?"

*This is the worst part*

Me being a gentleman, I said that I didn't know how to either, and that I wouldn't look while she tried to put it on. Well, she hopped off my back and put it on and then hopped back on. About 5 minute later she said: "We should do into the hot tub, I could kill for a great massage right now". I went in the hot tub with her and there was no one else there. She then said: "Wow, my thighs are killing me, can you rub them to stop them from being so sore?" I declined saying that I wasn't a massage therapist and would suck at. I'm guessing that at her wits end, she told me to come back to her room to see it. I did and she said that she needed to take a shower. I said that it was great to meet her and that I should leave to give her more privacy.

I didn't realize that she was trying to get with me until about a week later. In my defense, I had no expirence with girls up until this point, and she looked like she was in her 20's, so she was trying to hook it with a minor.

What are your stories?


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  • well guys can be very forward... I had this unattractive coworker take me to a bar get me drunk and try to "feel my body". I pushed him off me and got a ride home.

    • I am sorry. I usually avoid those situation because I know how they are...

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  • thats cute, your a minor? She could have been in trouble. Maybe she didn't know?

    • I thought she was the same age as me, and she didn't act surprised when I said I was in high school. Besides in my state as long as one person isn't more than 4 years older than the other its okay. So she could have been 21 and It would have been fine.

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  • Last year, I was at the bus ramp of my School & this random blonde girl walks by me, stops & says to me "Your eyes are really pretty". She then got her friend to look & she said the exact same thing. The next day, we were talking, she told me her name & gave me her number. I texted her & she kept the conversation going for like 4 hours...

    The next day she hugged me after I told her my bus came.

    I never picked up on these signals either & gosh, she was so attractive...