Looking to get some style when dressing!!! Need Ideas

So I'm looking to get some style when dressing. I want to look good every day and when I go out I want the ladies to think I dress good. When not going to the club or a nice restaurant I just wear jeans and a tee. Does anyone have any ideas. Ill also take ideas of what you wear out to a club..

Thanks for your help and include a link if possible so I can see what you talking about


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  • I've answered a question like this a while ago.

    If you want to look good and have no idea, do what I do, get a queer eye to dress you up. I have a reasonably priced clothing boutique here that is runned by 2 gay guys.

    When I'm not sure on what to wear and I want something new I visit them and they give me some of the latest fashion tips and clothing, they cloth me from top to bottom underwear excluded :P , in very masculine clothing.

    Every time me and the Mrs go to an exclusive party or disco I get compliments on my threads and fashion sense by women checking me out, even though they aren't even mine. lol

    I bet every country has some of these kind of men boutique gem of stores somewhere, you just gotta ask around and get lucky that they also have a great trendy fashion sense.