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Say you like a girl, you gave her hints that you like her. You tried to flirt with her more... she didn't respond to you, say she didn't want to because she found out that you have a girlfriend. You started flirting with another girl, texting and calling another girl. But you still show signs of interest to the first girl... The girl does not know what to do and decides to show the you that she doesn't care even though she does really like you. You would still continue flirting with this one girl (You don't seem to flirt with anyone else but the first girl and the other one). The first girl found out that you may be having problems with your current relationship. She gave you a chance to get to the point that you'd talk about your girlfriend/personal life but you didn't. You would, instead, keep on giving her mixed signals... that seems like you're playing safe. When she ignores you, you'd go to the other girl and show it to her face. This gave the first girl the idea that he's just playing her and so she wanted to move on. But you would still constantly make subtle moves when she least expects it. She wanted to wait for the you to tell her why you've been acting like that but seems like it will never happen. So should the girl just move on? Will you ever tell the girl how he really feels about her?

Say you are friends but you not open to her and she to you. Every time you guys are together, it just feels different and awkward and there's this silence. You just know you had a thing for each other but is there really?

And when the girl kinda hints you that she likes you back, you'd still flirt with this other girl. Seems like you want to maintain a "relationship" with two girls at once?


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  • I honestly think that you summed it up in your first paragraph. If she knows that I have a girlfriend then she is doing the right thing or maybe she does not like me.

    Sounds a bit like this guy may not like his girlfriend too much so he's looking around. Sure girl 1 may be more attractive or I really should say "his style" but she shows no interest so he's going to move along.

    Guys don't always open up about their family life in this case current girl but most importantly it's not cool to talk about a girlfriend while you are talking to a girl

    Your update sounds right.

    If this rumor of this guy and his girlfriend are true then he should break it off with her, as it's not fair to her.

    Please put yourself in her shoes. How would you like it if your boyfriend was doing this too you?

    This guy almost sounds like he wants a safety net. Find a girl & dump his current gf.

    My opinion is that this guy probably is not worth it.

    Everybody likes the attention from someone of the opposite sex. Is it that or do you really like this guy? Again I ask is this really what you want in a bf? Will you be able to trust him down the line?

  • 3 years is a long time. There are a lot of possibilities. Is he just getting tired of her? Looking to see who & what else is out there since he's younger & doesn't want to miss out?

    Do you want to be the one that comes between them? Try & just have a little flirting fun and let him break this off with her(if that is truly what he wants.) When he does wait a little while before you go out with him as you do not want people saying that you came between them.


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