Is he interested? What can I do to get him more interested?

We don't talk much, but he does a few things that make me think he might like me?!:

-Says my name a ton whenever he talks to me

-Teases me a lot, talks to me whenever I'm around, and smiles huge every time he speaks

-Looks at me, but is weird and dodgy about it sometimes too?

-Whenever he comes ad talks to me and a group of coworker girls, when he walks away he will look at me.. and when he notices me staring, he will smile massively.

Is he interested? How can I get him MORE interested?


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  • Those are the signs that he's interested.

    If you want things to escalate into a relationship, start asking him to hang out with you.

    • Ive asked out lots of guys before--- I want HIM to ask ME out.. How can I initiate that? Also, in work, when I see him, what else can I do to get him really interested in me?

    • Start being flirty with him, and ask him to hang out with you.

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