Does he like me or not?

I don't know if he likes me or not. Okay so every time we see each other I look at him, and he glances at me for maybe 2-3 seconds then looks away. And doesn't look at me anymore. Whenever he sees me walking down the hallway he will look my way but not look at me. Whenever we see each other he doesn't smile, he just looks and looks away, he not upset either, just a mutual facial expression. I really like him but I'm too much of a p*ssy to say anything. by the way he's white and I am half black. Our school is so diverse though, and he hangs out with a lot of mixed guys, plus its not unusual.


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  • It's clear that he's attracted to you. Constant eye contacts and looking at your direction are the factors that will constitute interest.


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  • " I look at him, and he glances at me for maybe 2-3 seconds, then looks away and doesn't look at me anymore." To me, that is a positive sign if he is shy, and not so positive if he is not. An unbashful guy's attraction for a girl will usually manifest itself in his facial expressions when she is in view.

    Test the water; for example, wave or give him an eye wink in passing to see how he responds, which should give you the answer.

  • Go up and start talking to him! Give it a shot even if he doesn't like you!


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