How to have small talk with the guy you like.....

How can you can small talk with the guy you like without coming off too strong/desperate?


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  • if you have any classes with him, talk about the class and then as you talk, bring up other topics of discussion. how are you associated with him?

    • School sport, we both have track together.

    • Talk during track about track and the events... you can ask him if he wants to run with you, and also you can try talking about track, and then letting that elevate into something like movies, and then if you think he seems interested ask him if he wants to see a movie with you sometime

    • Alright thanks lol :)

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  • You're both in track?

    Perfect. Talk about the coach. Your last event. Your upcoming event. A good training trick you learned. Your shoes. His shoes. Etc, etc, etc. Ask a lot of questions, and show interest in his answers. Smile. Then, like JesseRider23 said, try shifting the conversation to a different place and time.


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  • i would just try to talk about something he is interested in, most of the time I talk about music and that usually gets the guys talking or his hair, some cute comment.

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