Things are getting really heated with my proff! help!

first off, I'm 20. OK so there is this one proff that I've had a crush on for the longest time and occasionally flirt with got really close with me today. I stopped by his office like I usually do just to say hi and have a quick chat about the previous lecture, although this time there was no other proffs in his office, all the other times there usually is seeing how he shares it.

last weekend I got really drunk and I scratched myself on one of my breasts and while we were speaking I noticed him looking at it and then he took his finger and lightly brushed it against the cut and he's asked me what happened, when I looked up from his finger he was standing real close to me, like I mean 3 inches away from my face and I immediately got turned on but I didn't even have a chance to answer cause another one of the proffs opened the door, she didn't see anything thank god.

my question is what do I do? should I bring it up or try something with him? also I should probably mention that he is married and looks like he is in his mid 30s.

please no negative comments about being a home wrecker or anything of that sort.


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  • proff?


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  • You should start distancing yourself from him. You'll be hurt, and it might get you expelled.

  • Don't do it. Nothing good can come from it, especially if he is married. He could get fired and lose his wife, and you could be expelled. The risk is not worth the reward in this scenario.


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