What can a guy do?

What is it that guys do that makes you really into them? That makes you really think about them and makes you like them so much? What is it that he does?


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  • If we really like him, when he doesn't call or at least text for an entire day it really makes you think about them all day long, probably not in the best of ways lol, but be sure you'll be in her mind.

    I guess, small things, like if we are cold and you give us your jacket, opening the door for us, remembering little insignificant things we might've said, hugging us after a bad day, saying nice things to us, calling/texting to say hi, picking up a flower when you are walking and giving it to us, listening when we talk, telling us we/ our hair/ our outfit looks nice out of the blue. Little things like that is what makes us love guys so much. =)

    It's a nice question. Might be adding stuff later on.

    • When he is passionate about something and lets us know it, when he helps other people, he answers weird things we might ask (fun fact wise), he is sweet and affectionate but NOT clingy. When he is nice with our family and friends, and chivalry definitely!

  • I agree with emmaroh- small things count for a lot. I like it when guys are protective of me. I also like it when guys make me laugh.


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