So when you give a guy your number, would you do any followup?

Like, I'm socially awkward as all hell. While working at my Starbucks kiosk, I saw a guy online that worked in a nearby store in my mall. I used to chat with him sometimes, then apparently he transferred out and I saw him today because he was covering for someone. It was busy as hell, so I chatted as long as I could afford to while his order was taken, and eventually gave him a note saying, "you're really cute, call me sometime (###) ### - ####, name <3" but after that, I didn't really have the time or patience to knowledge him again. And then, when I left, he really wasn't looking out into the main mall area so I didn't get to wave goodbye or anything.

Should I have dropped in to say bye? Left it alone? It's always joked that I have no follow through, but I just never know where the line is between looking interested and looking mad thirsty, you know?

What is the follow through for something like that? Or do you just not?

  • There is no follow-up, if he's interested, he'll just contact you, you ninny.
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  • Go say hi, or wave hi, or whatever. Life's short, go show him you like him!
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  • Beats the hell out of me, I'm awkward as all getout anyway.
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  • You don't need to do any follow-up. Actually, what you did was a good thing, and it would've made him flattered there.

    Just wait for his text/call.


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  • Leave it be. You gave him an opportunity to call. He elected not to. If you go back, you will seem needy.. Just let it go and move on. His loss!

  • lol women gonna vote A cause apparently we men have to do all the work -_-


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