Girls be very honest : what do you want and look up in a guy ?

What do you girls want in a guy and what qualities/charactestics would attract you to him and see him as a potential (serious)partner ?

Like if a guy is just about 5ft 6in and very hairy, can he be considered desirable by girls?


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  • I would say that depends on the girl. A lot of women are shallow as are men and looks do mean something to a point. I tend not to judge people on their looks. I go for a quality guy. One that isn't afraid to be himself. One that challenges me to become a better person. A brain is a must! I find intelligence a great big turn on. One that isn't clingy or prone to be too emotional.

    Be confident in yourself. Look for someone that is NOT out of your league. Start as friends and see where it goes from there! That is the best advice I can give you! Good luck!

    • What comes under "intelligence"? How do you say a man is intelligent?

    • Someone who can carry conversations about life, the universe and everything. Someone who is open minded enough to consider alternative thinking. Someone who can form a sentence using real words and not a lot of slang.

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