Guys conversation...what are the things you are likely to share within a group?

I am curious, if two or a group of guys together and they look or stare at a lady, and talk among between themselves after looking at her, what would they usually talk about her?is it mean things about the lady?


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  • Maybe, like my men's group, we have a female rating system, and we are all giving our input to each other. Then, based on a system, using a spead sheet, we';ll use a computer to generate a rating for this female.

    Not every group of guys is this systematic, of course, but if they're staring at you, bascially they're reaching a consensus about your looks, in all likelihood.

    • what if it is always the same group of guys staring

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    • huh?whatdo you mean

    • These guys always hang together. Maybe they even have a sort of club together..

      Best Answer, no?

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  • "Damn! I'd even cook her breakfast." if she's hot otherwise she goes unmentioned while we scan for the next hotty.

    The part that gets lost on most women is that men are looking to appriciate a beautiful women it's all the other women in the room who objectify and search for faults.

    • There's always this group of guys who stared at me, nit just looked it made me very uncomfortable and they would talk among themselves while staring. Not mean things I hope...

  • In their own (probably) crude way, they're basically conveying to one another whether they find her attractive or not. They're behaving immaturely, but I wouldn't consider it mean. It's just a stupid guy thing.

  • If she is pretty someone at worst someone might make a crude remark about wanting to bang her. Or someone might make some remark like "If I wasn't married I would be all over that." All of us guys know it is crap, but we like to fool ourselves into thinking we can fool other guys. Then we go back to what we were talking about before.

    If she is ugly, normally we don't even pay attention. She might as well be a guy.


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