Where do I find cute nerdy girls in my area?

Alright, so a friend of mine told me that nerdy girls don't really advertise themselves and are super hard to find, which is totally true, cause I can not find a single one in my area. I am basically looking for those girls who are into gaming, toons, anime, comics, manga, etc. I honestly don't want to date another drama girl, I am looking for compatibility this time. I'm wondering, where have they all gone, it would be great to find where these girls went.


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  • You have to advertize yourself as a guy who is into that kind of stuff. I felt the same way about nerdy guys until I started buying things that advertize the things that I'm into. I have a purse that is covered in buttons relating to the things that I like and I have t-shirts and other things related to the nerdy stuff that I'm into as well. Usually if you have stuff that shows what you're into, the people who are also into it kind of flock to you. Trust me on this, I have a cup that looks like a Dalek from Doctor Who and when I started taking it to school and setting it on my desk, so many people revealed themselves to me as Whovians. Same thing worked with my multi-buttoned purse and my Harry Potter shirt and so on.

    It costs money but it gets the people who like the things that you like to come to you. Mutual interest in something can really strengthen a relationship so it's definitely worth a shot.

    That, or you could join a club or something. Or seek out girls with geeky gear.


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  • They're probably all around you and you just don't know it! A LOT of girls are into that kind of thing, but as someone said before, they just don't advertise it. I bet if you bring it up in some conversations with girls, you'll get a good response.

    NOTE: good response may include high pitched squeals and other over enthused reactions. We female nerds or whatever you may call us get very excited over these things when brought up in conversation.

    And the advertising with what you wear thing does work...I got a date once because I was wearing a shirt withthe triforce on it lmao...

    • "I got a date once because I was wearing a shirt withthe triforce on it lmao..."

      I'm sold. pick you up at 8? ;D

    • Yes. 8 on the final day. I think watching the moon fall would be a pretty neat date.

  • go to cosplay parties.

  • the bookstore, video game store or library.


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