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My boyfriend and I have been on and off for 2 years now. Everything was going great this time around until one day were hanging out and he snatches my phone from me and looked through it. It completely made me feel like be didn't trust me and he played it off like it was some weird fun game.. So I try to take his and he flips off on me . I got upset and left.. I tried talking to him about how I felt but he brushed it off and said "you shouldn't be mad you didn't Ask me if you can look in it" kinda what he did to me (very hypocritical) I got mad and dumped him because I'm afraid he might be hiding somthing . He's upset because I started a stupid fight like always and doesn't know if we should be together because there's too much drama In the relationship like always. I feel like I did the right thing trying to talk to him bout what was bothering me and now I'm trying to fix it and he won't budge... Any suggestions?


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  • You just did the right thing about grabbing his phone as well.

    Also, you're wise to leave him.

    He's definitely hiding something which will only hurt you in the long run.

    You're better off with a guy who got nothing to hide from you, and will care for you unconditionally.


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