Why was this girl looking at me?

Normally when a girl looks at me I don't really think anything of it. But this happened at my church, I was walking out and this girl was looking at me, we made eye contact no big deal really. I saw she was with a guy, they were together so I figured she just happen to be looking at me. Then I was talking to some friends and family the lobby was filled with people and on her way out she was with the guy but looking at me again. Not sure why, so many other people there. I'm not the best looking guy, average I never really thought much of myself because of my high school experience. But I've had girls compliment me on my body before, because I do work out regularly and have had compliments being cute or handsome. I just don't see it because I always struggle with break outs, acne and I do damn near everything to try to eliminate it but its a constant struggle that makes me feel not good looking. I just couldn't figure that out, most girls don't focus on one person in a crowded room. Anyway, I'm over thinking this, haha. Don't mind me, I have some issues.


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  • Sure sounds like it.

  • It seems like she admires your handsomeness. Quite an eye she has.

    • Umm, I'm not that handsome, I'm average. "Quite and eye she has", haha, I answered anonymous!