Do guys care about looking overeager online?

so, this guy messaged me on okcupid..i really liked his profile so I was pleasantly surprised because his "answer stats" are poor, it says he VERY SELECTIVELY answers people.

anyway he and I were messaging a bit last night but I went to bed so I replied to his latest message this afternoon. he had logged in and viewed me but it has been a few hours since I sent it and he didn't reply back.

is he just playing hard to get or does he not want to talk more? I know a lot of people don't always want to reply right away, plus to be fair I also took a while to respond to his last message!

should I forget about him?


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  • It seems that he just look up his account and read his message, and went off.

    I do that a lot when I was still involved in online dating.

    I would just read messages, and log off as I'm going through the day.

    You don't have to forget about him just because of that.

    • okay, he answered me back. phew :)

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