Girls, if you keep telling a guy that he is annoying you, why would you keep starting conversations with him?

This girl confuses the hell out of me. We are friendly to each other but sometimes I initiate a conversation and she starts rolling her eyes and telling me I'm annoying and to stop annoying her. SO I leave her alone and after a little while of minding my own business, she'll start teasing me or getting my attention and if I ignore her or don't respond, she looks at me with angry eyes and gets mad at me but if I talk to her, she can't stop smiling and looking away.

My question is, does she really find me that annoying or is she pretending and if so, why? We have fun talking but I don't know why she has to make it so difficult, we are just talking, nothing else.


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  • Ask her if you annoy her so much why does she want to talk to you?

    She may be joking when she says you annoying. Kind of like when friends say "You're stupid, shut up." OR "You're dumb". They don't actually mean that you're stupid or that you're dumb, they mean that you're funny or being really goofy.


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  • She doesn't like you, but she likes the attention you give her. You get on her nerves, but at the same time, she wants to you pay attention to her.

    She's a bitch. Just ignorer her.

  • How old is she? She is the one that sounds annoying, haha!

    She could just be joking with her, teasing you. If she's serious, then it sounds like she's playing games, playing hard to get.

    I'd ask her about it.

    • SHe is 23. It surprises me because she is very mature for everything else but she acts like a little kid with me. I don't think that if I put my middle school/high school years together I ever got teased this much. I can take the teasing but when she start acting/being annoyed, I just drop her and move on but can't move on for too long because she'll start talking again and I don't want to upset her so I keep playing along with her. I wish she would just make up her mind.

    • Well, you can make up your mind as well and just decide to no longer tolerate that behavior. If she keeps doing it, leave her be. You know?

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