She say's she likes me yet states that every guy is hot/good looking

this girl and I have been talking for a couple of weeks now, I like her, I want to love her, she said to me yesterday she liked me, today, she told me she liked no body else, but she also said that she needed time, since she was just coming out of some problems, she said she still had feelings for me, but now, over Facebook with her friend, they decided to make video "tbh's" and every video she has called them hot/ good looking, am I just over reacting, or do I have a right to feel upset?


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  • She is a young woman filled with raging hormones, she has every right to express her carnal desires as flippant as they may be. You shouldn't feel threatened by this, she probably doesn't "like" them in more than a superficial way. She stated she likes you, why don't you take her word for it and chill out.


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