Why did he seem to notice me but not really!? confused...

I've been talking to this guy, we started talking last year. We met online, he seen pics of me and I seen pics of him. I thought he was so cute. We stopped talking for 6 months but during those 6 months...I noticed him around. I would see him and he would see me like very obvious staring on his part. Once at the bar, I was sitting with my friends and noticed this man standing by the bar. We were locking eyes for more than a minute. It was hard to break because I was wondering why he was staring. Another time at a restaurant, when I was leaving the area and looked over to find him staring and a few other times. It's strange because when we started talking again, he just said I looked familiar. Why?


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  • It seems that he becomes nervous when you're around so he's contented just staring at you without doing anything like initiating a conversation.


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