Tricky situation what do you think I should?

So this guy knows I like him, a friend told him. but what I didn't know is that he's actually in a relationship, so since I found out I backed off. But I know he finds me attractive cos I see him take sneak peaks at me wen I'm not looking. Anyways, since I found out he's not single I avoid eye contact when he passes by, but he makes it awkward 4 me cos I can see him staring at me frm the corner of my eyes (he thinks I am unaware)It's really irritating and nerve wrecking for me since I don't know what to do but I continue to look away. I need your advice as to what else I could do or whether what I am currently doing is fine and I should continue on with it?

P.s I have never spoken to him.


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  • You should really continue on what you're doing.

    Avoiding eye contacts and communication is the best way to distance yourself from him since he's in a relationship.


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