GIRLS: Do you gossip about guys in the workplace?

Long story short, I just started working at a gym as a group leader trainer. A majority of my coworkers are females who are doing desk related job and the rest of the males (which is like 5) are trainers.

So yes I am good looking, in shape and I've got tattoos, ect..

I have been noticing lately that my female coworkers like to look at me from time to time and also watch me do my job lol. I am just wondering if they are looking at me because they think I'm hot? or is this a welcoming action for the "new guy".


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  • How muscled are you?

    • Well my training specializes in aesthetics rather than getting big or strong. Imagine bradd pitts body with tattoos lol

    • If you were really muscled.. they could have been starting a "Roid Rage Pool"

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  • they might think you are attractive and yeah some women do chat about guys in their lunch hours but not all the time. It'd kind of be obsessive you know lol

  • They think you're hot especially if one looks then the rest do and a few of them say something to each other. Next time you see them looking throw a wink or a smile.


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