Help me pick men's casual shoes!

All right gals and guys, as the temperature rises and the snow rapidly melts outside, it's time to put away the boots and I find myself in need of buying a new pair of everyday shoes to wear during the warm seasons. I'm basically a jeans (or occasional corduroy pants) and t-shirt relaxed kind of guy; I like to have a clean, somewhat elegant uncluttered look.

Which of these do you prefer? If you dislike all of them, feel free to make other suggestions:

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Most Helpful Girl

  • For those too lazy to actually copy and paste the various sites:

    A. link

    B. link

    C. link

    D. link

    I like B and D the best. Probably B since it would go with everything. I just really like the color of D.


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  • go for D!

    • I knew girls would like that color :P Would they be your favorite even in their black version?

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    • I might end up buying both... I actually prefer the shape of A but they seem to only come in white, which is not optimal. Thanks for your report! ;)

    • You're very welcome! Enjoy the shopping spree ;D

What Guys Said 4

  • I'd abandon the idea of 'everyday' shoes that actually work every day. If you are buying something in fashion, it goes out of fashion, if you are getting more core classic things, you can wear them for years. Instead of buying a pair of shoes, wearing them every day, when they die, replacing, have a few pairs, they will last MUCH longer (two pairs will last more then twice as long as one pair because they get a chance to dry between wearings) and you can actually match to what you want that day a little more.

    The skechers are pretty ugly but may be practical if you're active. The two pairs of Adidas have a little more style. I'd go for either or both of them. Other similar kind of classic simple shoes you might consider are onitsuka tigers or converse stan smiths or jack purcell's.

    I'm not that into athletic shoes myself when not doing sports, for summer, I'm more likely to wear dirty bucks with jeans. link

    • Thanks for the tips, there's definitely some merit into buying multiple pair of shoes; it may cost more initially but in the long run it's similar unless you throw 'em away earlier because you're tired of seeing them even though they're still in good condition.

      You call the Adidas and Skechers I highlighted athletic shoes, but they're definitely not the kind of shoes I would use for sports. I just want comfortable shoes to move around the urban area. Your Buck shoes look good but a bit stiff.

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    • Hahaha that's an interesting perspective. However, you have to keep in mind that it's not because running in thick leather boots is technically feasible that it's optimal. I guess our needs evolve along with our means.

      Skechers do have a tendency to make visible stitching patterns ; I never looked at it as being "performance like", I think it's just their style. Love it or hate it I guess!

    • My point is more that our needs have never been lower, yet 2/3 of people are walking around in like high tech shock absorbing performance wear.

      IDK, I don't think the skechers impress anyone. People who are 'into' sneakers want to see vintage jordan's or something. People who are into minimalist want jack purcells or something like a simple adidas. Skechers are fine, they're just ... there.

  • can't go wrong with adidas classic sneakers!

    • Yeah they look good but I'm worried about them rapidly turning to crap since they're white :/

    • then its considered vintage! lol Just don't wear it in the rain, don't step on mud and just use it as pavement-walking shoes.

      I use to have a pair...its all beat up now...just chuck it away and buy new shoes!

  • don't buy skechers. They ARE GAYYY! those d addidas are nasty though. I'd deffinitely get those man

  • link

    or something similar.